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Opinion article by William Hamilton, a controversial theologian and the leader of the "Death of God" movement.

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This is one article in a series by Morton Hunt who writes a book based on these surveys and reports. Half of page 204 is cut out.

An article for playboys about what different colleges have to offer in terms of women and a good time.

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An advertisement taken form the September 1966 issue of Playboy, which humorously pokes fun at the counter-culture movement while promoting the clothing brand "H.I.S."

Miss March 1965, Jennifer Jackson, was the first African-American woman to pose for a centerfold in Playboy. She was a Bunny along with her twin sister, Janis, at the Chicago Playboy Club. Both were interviewed to put personality with the picture.

A cartoon showing a determined, naked woman sitting in a laboratory, demanding to be used for sexual experiments.

This is an interview of gynecologist Dr. William Masters and his psychologist associate Mrs. Virginia Johnson about their controversial and groundbreaking book Human Sexual Response.

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The centerfold for the February 1970 issue, Linda Forsythe was a very different type of Playmate. While socially conscious and outspoken about her belief in challenging the status quo, she deviated from the common perceptions of being in support of…

Jesse Jackson dropped out of the University of Illinois, where he only studied for one year, to return to his home in North Carolina in 1960. He then attended Agriculture and Technical College of North Carolina. Located in Greensboro, students from…

This news article was a part of February 1970’s Playboy Club News, which was a part of every month’s issue. Gina Byrams, a Bunny from Baltimore, was named International Bunny of the Year the first time that this competition was held.
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