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Published in the Febuary 1974 issue of Playboy, this ad for stereo equipment shows an Indian folk music group performing using American made music equipment. As the Counter-Culture Revolution was responsible for introducing world music to American…

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A fictional article by Robert Chatain about how a group of "whores" take over an office by using their sexuality while the main male character debates on letting them stay or making them eave.

An article written by a Kinsey colleague examining how people determine normal versus abnormal sexual behavior.

Sidney Harris is a cartoonist who has drawn for the New Yorker in addition to Playboy. Here, one man seems to have just gotten off the train. The other man who met him there has noticed that the visitor has seen the train station waiting rooms are…

A "feminist" pinup drawn by Alberto Vargas. A Vargas was included in every issue of Playboy in the decade considered, 1965-1975

A sex-based advertisement for Tiparillo cigars.

Interview with ex-Harvard clinical psychologist and proponent of mushrooms and LSD Timothy Leary.

Father Norman J. O'Connor, Reverend Richard Gary, Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum, and Hugh Hefner discuss the American Sexual Revolution and the Playboy Philosophy.

This is an advertisement for a necklace with a pendant that looks like a vagina.

Playboy Symposium on Drugs in Society, February 1970
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