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This female character first appeared as a humorous cartoon in Playboy around 1968. After her premiere, cartoons of her attempting to trick young men into sexual encounters were consistently in Playboy for years. Over time, she became incorporated…

Eric Bentley, noted playwright and poet, speaks on the need of popular discourse and protest in a free society, urging on the youth moments of 1967.

This 1964 interview published in 1965 was the longest that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. ever granted to that point, and possibly ever. King was a member of the executive committee for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…

This is an interview with the first lady of sex education, Dr. Mary Calderone.

Bruce Cochran is a well-known outdoorsman cartoonist who has had work published in USA Today, On Wisconsin Outdoors, and many other periodicals, including Playboy. In this piece, a clearly educated African-American male is shining the shoes of an…

Eldridge Cleaver was the Minister of Information, or spokesperson, for the Black Panther Party. Bobby Seale and Huey Newton formed the Party in 1966 in Oakland, California. Cleaver joined the group in December of that year, after he was released…

This is an interview the Erica Jong, the author of Fear of Flying.

Gracing the cover of the September 1970 issue, Playboy displays a modestly dressed girl dressed in hippie regealia and showing the peace sign, which beyond, forms into the shadow of the iconic bunny.

Huey Newton founded the Black Panther Party for Self-defense in 1966 with Bobby Seale while the two were studying at Merritt College in Oakland, California. Newton started studying at the college in 1958, but was arrested and served an eight-month…

This news article was a part of February 1970’s Playboy Club News, which was a part of every month’s issue. Gina Byrams, a Bunny from Baltimore, was named International Bunny of the Year the first time that this competition was held.
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