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The Playboy Philosophy: The Third Religious Round Table
Father Norman J. O'Connor, Reverend Richard Gary, Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum, and Hugh Hefner discuss the American Sexual Revolution and the Playboy Philosophy.

What Is Normal?
An article written by a Kinsey colleague examining how people determine normal versus abnormal sexual behavior.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Interview
This 1964 interview published in 1965 was the longest that Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. ever granted to that point, and possibly ever. King was a member of the executive committee for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People…

Miss March 1965, Jennifer Jackson
Miss March 1965, Jennifer Jackson, was the first African-American woman to pose for a centerfold in Playboy. She was a Bunny along with her twin sister, Janis, at the Chicago Playboy Club. Both were interviewed to put personality with the picture.

Sex and the Single Girl Advertisement
This is an advertisement for the book Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Brown and the movie based on it.

"Cruising" by Paul Jacobs
"Cruising" was a report written by Paul Jacobs, an activist who would later co-found the magazine Mother Jones. In this piece, Jacobs rode along with two plainclothes policemen in northern California. The actions of the officers show how the race of…
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