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Vargas Feminist
A "feminist" pinup drawn by Alberto Vargas. A Vargas was included in every issue of Playboy in the decade considered, 1965-1975

Dr. Mary Calderone Interview
This is an interview with the first lady of sex education, Dr. Mary Calderone.

"Uniting The Races" by Julian Bond
Julian Bond helped found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in 1960 and served as its communications director. Later he was head of the Atlanta branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and…

International Bunny of the Year 1970, Gina Byrams
This news article was a part of February 1970’s Playboy Club News, which was a part of every month’s issue. Gina Byrams, a Bunny from Baltimore, was named International Bunny of the Year the first time that this competition was held.

The Drug Panel
Playboy Symposium on Drugs in Society, February 1970

Hippie Cover
Gracing the cover of the September 1970 issue, Playboy displays a modestly dressed girl dressed in hippie regealia and showing the peace sign, which beyond, forms into the shadow of the iconic bunny.

Lucky Linda
The centerfold for the February 1970 issue, Linda Forsythe was a very different type of Playmate. While socially conscious and outspoken about her belief in challenging the status quo, she deviated from the common perceptions of being in support of…

"Playboy After Dark" Advertisement
Playboy After Dark was a TV program that ran from 1969-1970. The show was created so that it appeared the viewer was invited to a party in Hefner's penthouse. Hefner, surrounded by playmates, had famous musical guests and comedians as guests, such…
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