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Sex in Academe
An article for playboys about what different colleges have to offer in terms of women and a good time.

"A Testament of Hope" by Dr. King
In this essay, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. talks of the problems that African-Americans faced such as education, poverty, housing, and the government creation and enforcement of laws. The byline seems to explain it best: “In his final published…

Waiting Rooms Cartoon by Sidney Harris
Sidney Harris is a cartoonist who has drawn for the New Yorker in addition to Playboy. Here, one man seems to have just gotten off the train. The other man who met him there has noticed that the visitor has seen the train station waiting rooms are…

"The Decent Society: Race Relations" by John V. Lindsay
"The Decent Society" was a collection of eleven essays on different aspects of American life. The pieces were written five years after President Johnson’s 1964 promise of the Great Society. Each tackles a different problem that was still plaguing…

"Slack Power" Advertisement by h.i.s
This advertisement by the clothing company h.i.s shows a muscular African-American modeling a pair of pants with the caption “Slack Power.” This is a play on the phrase “Black Power,” popularized in the late 1960’s.

Jesse Jackson Interview by Arthur Kretchmer
Jesse Jackson dropped out of the University of Illinois, where he only studied for one year, to return to his home in North Carolina in 1960. He then attended Agriculture and Technical College of North Carolina. Located in Greensboro, students from…
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